Recipes by Ralph Elwell

man eating bowl of soup with a spoon

Hot and Spicy Black and White Bean Soup

It’s Friday as I write this.  It’s freezing and the ground is slippery and icy.  The fridge and pantry are…

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plate with salad greens and sausage

Guilt Free Dijon and Chive Dressing

  I’ve been watching calorie intake lately – and my daily allotment is way less than I have been used…

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pizza on cutting board with cutter

Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza

The concept of Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza makes me happy.  Chicken Tikka is totally delicious and – heck, I don’t…

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bottle of Tajin seasoning blend

Pantry Essentials: Tajin

  You may have noticed this ingredient pop up in several of my recipes.  And if you know me personally,…

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pan with eggs and tomatoes cooking

Menemen (Turkish Eggs)

  Picture this.  It’s Sunday morning.  You want to make something that will nourish you and your family – but…

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gold plate with cookies

Maple Cinnamon Shortbread

This is a slight variation of Ina Gartner’s Mini Linzer Cookies – which was adapted from an Eli Zabar recipe.…

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white plate with a lettuce cup and avocado/egg salad

Avocado Egg Salad

Bringing together hard-boiled eggs and creamy avocadoes is a match made in heaven.  Personally, I don’t care for egg salad…

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eggs in sauce with toast


Every so often, a dish becomes fashionable.  Think Avocado Toast – you had never seen it before, and then all…

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cute dog

I’m back

  It’s been a while! I launched this blog just over two years ago – and when I started, I…

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white plate with a piece of lemon tart and lemon wedge

Recipe Shout Out: Shortbread Lemon Tart

It probably should come as no surprise that I do love to cook.  I like to experiment – often in…

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bottle of whiskey next to glass with whiskey and ice

Cocktail Time: Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey

Since March is just a few days away – and St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us, I wanted to…

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Herby Red Potato Salad

Herby Red Potato Salad

Let’s dispel a myth right now:  Potato salad is not just for summer picnics!  I love potato salad and just…

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pasta with sauce and parsley

Creamy Chicken Puttanesca

I love spicy dishes.  I love zip and a piquant punch in my food.  Puttanesca should be right up my…

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green beans in a clear bowl with spoon

Haricots Verts Rôtis à la Vinaigrette à la Moutarde (Roasted Green Beans with Mustard Vinaigrette)

For me, roasting vegetables is always my preferred method.  Their vibrant colors remain intact, you get a little extra sweetness…

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brown plate with cookie bars on table next to vase of flowers

Cinnamon Satin Shortbread Bars

Happy Valentine’s Day!  If you’re looking to whip up something easy – but unexpected for your sweetie – check out…

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Apple Pie Pizza on cutting board

Hah’Apple Pie Pizza

My mom had three brothers and my dad had a brother and a sister – which then yielded many cousins! …

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