Recipes by Ralph Elwell

red bowl with chicken on granite countertop

Burrito Bowls

This riff on a fajita is super fast and easy – and lends itself to many variations.  You can vary…

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Shrimp Topped Deviled Eggs

Shrimp Topped Deviled Eggs

Living in Saratoga Springs allow us to visit many different eateries almost right outside our front door.  It’s fun to…

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breaded chicken and pasta on a white plate

Monk’s Chicken

Full disclosure – this recipe was inspired by a restaurant in Loudonville, NY – D’Raymond’s.  It was there that I…

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chicken meatballs on baking sheet next to pot of sauce

Polpette di Pollo (Chicken Meatballs)

Chicken Parmesan is one of my favorite things in the world to eat.  I was incredibly surprised when I made…

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slice of egg casserole on white plate with a fork

Sleep-Over Eggs

This is a great make ahead brunch or hearty breakfast dish.  I have to admit though – it could be…

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two red bowls with chocolate pudding and whipped topping

Super Fudgy Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding

This bread pudding is very easy to make and is a perfect ending to a Sunday brunch – or to…

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white bowl of black bean soup next to glass of white wine

Black Bean Soup

My husband has told me that this is, if not his favorite thing I make – is in the top…

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casserole dish of lasagna on stove top

Double Trouble Lasagna

I call this Double Trouble Lasagna because I include both a ricotta filling and a béchamel sauce along with the…

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grilled cheese sandwich next to white bowl of soup

Cream of Tomato with Apple Soup – Apple? WHAT?

A great by-product of doing a blog is chatting about it with friends and family.  During the natural course of…

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Soup in bowl

Super Soup!

The origin of the recipe was inspired by an ailing spouse whom, I thought, would benefit from a nourishing warm…

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Rao's Sauce

Pantry Essential: Rao’s Sauce

If you’ve read any of my earlier blogs, I have, what I think, is a pretty good Sunday Sauce recipe.…

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Corn and Poblano Lasagna

Recipe Shout Out! Corn and Poblano Lasagna – Marcela Valladolid

I must start by saying that this is a delicious twist on lasagna – and a vegetarian option that will…

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Ziti with baked tomatoes

Ziti with Baked Tomatoes

My mother-in-law is a vegetarian.  When she is coming to visit, I have to admit, this is often my go-to…

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Baked Stuffed Shells

Kid Friendly Baked Stuffed Shells

When my daughter was younger (and even now) she would ask for stuffed shells often.  They’re fun to look at…

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Old Fashioned drink

Cocktail Time: Old Fashioned

Typically, I blog about a cocktail on Fridays – which seems apropos given the weekend is upon us.  Well –…

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Inquisitive Ralph

What the blog??

I’ve been noodling around with the idea of writing a cookbook for several years.  I would get a spurt of…

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