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Ralph Elwell, Ordinary Cook

I did most of my growing up in Poughkeepsie, New York – a booming IBM town located on the Hudson River just about two hours north of New York City.  I didn’t grow up in a robust cooking household – but I was well-fed and definitely liked to eat.  It was when I attended college in New York City at Fordham University that my flavor palate expand and I discovered many different cuisines.  Several years out of college, I  landed a job that required me to travel – which only deepened my love of food and willingness to expand my reach gastronomically.  I started trying to recreate what I was enjoying from home back in my own kitchen.

Over the years, I developed a reputation among family and friends as a pretty good cook.  My husband Chris and I threw an annual Solstice Party in December each year complete with a table spread that would rival any high-end holiday affair.  When I joined GE in 2010, my reputation of a cook had preceded me, and I was asked as a guest chef for an onsite cooking demonstration and was featured in the company cookbook.

I have a passion for cooking and entertaining and wishes for everyone to internalize the belief that indeed they can cook!