Going Public on Trying New Dishes

headline of Times Union article

Happy to share my latest article on preparing seemingly inaccessible dishes at home for family and guests.  In this, I prepared paella Valenciana and baked Alaska – two dishes I have never tried to cook.  And honestly, I had never even eaten baked Alaska and was curious what the heck it even was!  This appeared in the online version of the Albany Times Union on September 6 and will run in the print edition on September 9.

Special shout outs to my husband Chris – who took most of the photos used in the article, and for his support in all the prep.  Also – huge thanks to Susan and Tom Hirt who were willing to be my culinary guinea pigs!  We had a blast!

four people toasting white wine over the dinner table

If you’d like to try and make either of these dishes yourself – please do!  They’re not hard – they just take time…and a little money; the paella is a bit expensive!

Baked Alaska

Paella Valenciana


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A great day for me is preparing great meals for friends and family. I enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and also updating classics that I've enjoyed for years. I love to travel and try lots of new cuisines - and wouldn't be anything without the love of my family!

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