The Magic of Salad

mixed salad, blueberries, red peppers in a brown bowl

Every now and again, I am not feeling that great about myself.  I either have pain, feel dumpy or guilty because I haven’t been eating the way I want to. Instead I have been giving in to every indulgence that comes into my mind.  I have found that a fun antidote to that feeling is to challenge myself to construct a beautiful salad with what I have in the fridge.  I’ve been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, but sometimes, I can’t get through them in a timely fashion and they end up turning and I have to pitch them.  Just before that happens, I take a little inventory…what’s hiding in the back of the crisper?  Is that a pint of blueberries behind the giant tub of Greek yogurt?  Score!

Making a salad can be like painting a picture on a blank canvas.  Your only limitations are what you have available to you and your imagination.  So throw together fruits with vegetables; use up different lettuces – add nuts and maybe some cheese.  Do you have a leftover piece of grilled chicken?  Chop it up and throw it in.  What you will create will be something that is beautiful and good for you.  And, for me, it can be the turning point of a difficult day.

Oh, one last thing – don’t drown your gorgeous assembly in Ranch dressing!  Again – think fresh and light.  Squeeze some lemon juice – combine with a little olive oil and some fresh herbs.  WAY better than the viscous white stuff in the green and white bottle!  Plus, you’ll still be able to see all those lovely colors winking and blinking at you from the bowl!


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A great day for me is preparing great meals for friends and family. I enjoy experimenting with new ingredients and also updating classics that I've enjoyed for years. I love to travel and try lots of new cuisines - and wouldn't be anything without the love of my family!

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