Cocktail Time: Bourbon on the Rocks

Bourbon on the Rocks

When the weather turns cold, the color of my preferred cocktails turns darker – from light to dark.  My favorite brown drink is simple:  Bourbon on the rocks.  But not just any bourbon – and not just any rocks.  Allow me to explain.

I prefer Kentucky Bourbon.  If you’re ever feeling adventurous and would like to embark on an interesting and delicious libation retreat – consider exploring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. I believe you can encounter fourteen Bourbon distilleries and find your favorite.

Bourbon has a deep, rich flavor.  Some are sharper than others, some have more caramel and woody elements.  They also range in price as well.  My two favorites are Maker’s Mark and Woodford Reserve.  They never disappoint!

Now as for the rocks.  Go easy on ice for this.  Less is more.  Too much ice will dilute the richness of the bourbon and it’ll be difficult to lavish in the subtleties a good bourbon offers.  I have a large round mold which I keep stocked with 1 inch spheres of ice – specifically for this drink.  The ice won’t melt as quickly as I can consume the amber gold.

So there you have it.  Bourbon on the Rocks.  It’ll warm those bones on a cold autumn night.

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2 thoughts on “Cocktail Time: Bourbon on the Rocks

  1. Love this drink!!!! When are you going to put up another great cocktail recipe for winter- the ole rusty nail??? That too is tried and true 😉 Keep them coming- love this site!

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